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Software Developer Kit

The Software Development Kit (SDK ) has been designed to offer custom applications created by the end-user  for Remote- Control operation. The Sekonic SDK works within Visual Basic (for Windows only) and is available as a developer’s custom kit, including all necessary components to create a buildable custom software interface. The Remote-Control feature is especially useful in remote measuring situations such as manufacturing, horticulture and special industrial applications. It also helps when using the continuous measurement function. 

In order to receive the SDK, it is necessary to provide a SDK Request Application Form. Once we received the application with all necessary information completed, the SDK will be send via e-mail or large file download or transfer. Please send your Request Form to the following:


To learn more about the Sekonic C-7000 SDK, stay tuned for Quick Start Videos on the C-7000 and SDK. SDK Instruction Manual available for download here: SDK Manual

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