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About Sekonic

From the first Space Shuttle missions, NASA and their scientists recognized the value of LED’s and developed it. Their focus on plant growth in space led the way for LED technology and it continues in today’s plant growth industry, in addition to other markets. The demands for high quality, color consistency and high output remain the key component in lighting design. Driven by demanding professional imagemaker both still and motion, full color spectrum lighting has helped to drive the new lighting solutions towards perfection in every application. Industries such as horticulture, interior architecture, aeronautics, medical and much more have demanded significant quality control and accurate color rendering characteristics. With the overwhelming popularity of these new light sources, the need to understand, manage and control them has never been more critical. Manufacturing quality along with varying color and illumination can often result in consistency issues. In response, Sekonic, a leader for 70 years in light measurement instruments (Photo, Video, Cinema), offers ergonomic, intuitive and an advanced array of light measuring instruments to meet and exceed the needs of today’s lighting engineers and light designers.


Sekonic stepped into the industrial market in 2010, with the introduction of the Illuminometer i-346., offering a compact and affordable foot-candles and LUX meter. In 2014 the Spectrometer C-700 series was launched. It was first large color touch screen interface and provided color measurements of all light sources including wireless flash. In 2015, the Spectrometer C-7000 was added to the product line-up to address industrial color control and precision color measurement interpretation metrics. In 2016 Sekonic released the SpeedMaster L-858D, offering multi-function light meter capabilities. It provided industrial lighting technicians, the ability to measure flash duration, flash output, 1-degree spot or incident, Illuminance or Luminance measurements through its intuitive large color touch LCD screen. In 2018, the Spectrometer C-800 entered the market with expanded color rendering properties to address the evolution of the lighting industry. Software enhancements broadened its functionality in both the imaging and industrial markets.


Most recently, the C-7000 software upgrade has addressed demands for new lighting interpretation metrics and metering applications for industrial lighting. The software upgrade offers the popular measuring modes in addition to Continuous/Single measurement, SDK for Remote Control, MAC OS Ready and Preset Display. The Spectrometer C-7000 continues to lead the way for SEKONIC’s expansion and diversification into the industrial lighting market by offering unique and advanced color measurement and analyzing features. It has become a popular handheld solution for countless light and color conscious engineers and designers.

Lighting solutions and applications have never been in greater demand and expansion as they are today. Fueled by advances in lighting technology such as OLED’s, lighting has become just as much a lifestyle today as it is a necessity in our daily lives. Lighting and design play an integral part in nearly every lighting market. Applications ranging from automobile, residence, horticulture, medical and manufacturing, just to name a few have increases their use and demand for better quality and efficient lighting designs. Over the years several lighting solutions have been introduced to challenge the filament light bulb, but none has come as close as the Light Emitting Diodes (LED). LED meet the basic goals of output, efficiency, and cost for nearly every category of the lighting industry.

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