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Calibration and Certification Request Services

Sekonic Corporation a leader in light measuring devices, manufacturers the most advanced and precision measuring instruments in the industrial lighting industry. To ensure and preserve the accuracy and consistence demanded by industry, government and companies high protocol standards its necessary to check calibration accuracy on a periodic bases. It is advisable that spectrometers get checked for calibration standards once a year depending on the application and frequency of use.


Calibration measurements and subsequent calibration adjustment and certification are currently preformed in our Japan facility.  As we add more local calibration check labs , we will list them in our dealer list as Calibration Partners. The calibration process can take up to three or more weeks for a complete turn-around. As a courtesy program, we offer loaner units when requested to keep your workflow uninterrupted. Loaner requests can be made by downloading the loaner request agreement form and providing the necessary information to qualify. See loaner request form.



The C-7000 Spectrometer follows all the standards for global measurement consistence, which conforms to both the JEMIC and NIST standards.


JEMIC – Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation


NIST – National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Below is a description of our Calibration Traceability Schema



National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Calibration Organization

Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation (JEMIC)


Color Temperature / Illuminance

Standard Incandescent Lamps of Distribution Temperature & Luminous Intensity



Calibration and Certification Request

Select an item ($)

I hereby authorize Sekonic Industrial to perform the above noted repair service at the designated cost which will be paid as per the terms above. I am also aware I am responsible for the costs of shipping my Sekonic C-7000 for repair, Sekonic Industrial will be sending my unit back via standard ground rates.  (You will be contacted if you wish to receive your repaired unit back via alternate shipping for additional cost)

Kindly ship prepaid repair units

to the following address:

Sekonic Industrial

342 Diamond Spring

Denville, NJ 07834

P: (973) 586-4267 F: (862) 209-1919

Thank you! Your request for service has been submitted. Please send your unit to the address to the left.

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