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The Sekonic SpeedMaster L-858D combines more than 70 years of Sekonic innovation with cutting-edge, light meter design to bring you the most accurate, easy-to-use, innovative, and flexible hand-held device to meet any lighting demand. Incorporating a 1°-degree spot metering system with illuminated viewfinder display, the SpeedMaster L-858D provides luminance measurements without ever taking your eye off the light source. In addition, a built-in retractable and rotating Lumisphere offers illuminance measurements even in tight spots, all in one meter. As you would expect, units of measurements are selectable from luminance foot-lambert (fl) to cd/m2 and illuminance foot-candle (fc) to lux (lx) respectively. However, the SpeedMaster L-858D doesn’t stop there, it incorporates an extensive array of measuring functions to meter every light source’s brightness and lighting ratio. Providing up to 20 different measuring modes, the SpeedMaster L-858D meets and exceeds the expectations of demanding lighting engineers and field evaluations technicians. With its flexible multi-function capabilities, the SpeedMaster L-858D measures ambient light, as well as flash bursts such as traffic camera systems, industrial, manufacturing, and scientific applications. Critical flash data required for calculating the effects of ambientflash conditions are easily displayed simultaneously while taking a measurement. As its name implies, the peedMaster L-858D also measures brief flash burst for precision flash duration calculations. In addition, the SpeedMaster L-858D is loaded with Photo, Video and Cinema features and functions to meet and exceed every lighting condition. All weather design, wireless triggering (with optional radio transmitter), utility software and optional accessories all add to an incredible measuring tool in the palm of your hand.



  •  1°-degree built-in Spot Meter- Measure advertising displays, instrument panels, traffic signs or any luminance with quick and consistent real-time measurements.

  • Illuminated EL-digital viewfinder: Read measure values without the need to remove your eye from the light source.

  • Accurate targeting of the selected subject is easy with its SLR lens design.

  • An optional lens shade/step-up ring, accommodates close-up lenses for extreme close measurements.

  • Adjustable diopter eye piece provides sharp viewing.

  • Utilizing its silicon photo diode sensor, the L-858D measures from 0.10 to 980,000 cd/m2 (0.03 to 290,000 fl)


  • Rotating / Retractable Lumisphere: measuring streetlights, retail displays, warehouse, factory, stage lighting or any illuminance is repeatable and precise.

  • 2.7-inch color LCD touch screen: displays continuous measurements to indicate brightness changes in real time, as well as single measurements.

  • Analog scale: simultaneously displays individually measured values.

  • Memory Mode: Up to 9 memorized values can be stored, recalled, and averaged.

  • Custom Adjustments: Filter correction factors, User calibration and compensation for fine tune.

  • Utilizing its silicon photo diode sensor, the SpeedMaster L-858D measures from 0.10 to 2,000.000 lx (0.01 to 180,000 fc)

Accurate targeting of a subject is quick with the SLR designed 1 deg Spot lens. For ease of use the eye piece provides an adjustable diopter for sharp viewing.

The L-858D offers illuminance (lx, fc) and luminance (cd/m2, fl) independently or combined with other measuring modes.

All Weather Design-All buttons, switches and compartments are sealed, and the housing has been design to endure rugged outdoor conditions.

The rectangular 1° optical spot viewfinder displays, cd/m2, foot-lambert, EV, f-stop, shutter speed, percentage of flash and much more with an EL digital display.


Measuring the flash duration or “burn time” of a flash is critical when determining the performance and consistent of a flash tube during manufacturing. Safety/hazard, traffic camera strobes, medical, entertainment, as well as photographic industries require accurate measurements of the duration of a strobe. Usually a flash duration meter is offered only as a single function meter, but the SpeedMaster L-858D puts all that in the past with selectable flash duration measures from 1/40s to 1/55,500 sec (25 ms to 18 us) with t0.1 to t0.9 (in 0.1 steps).

Provides direct custom and user settings, firmware update as well as exposure profiling in photo/video modes. Compatible with Windows and mac platforms.

Strobe duration is measured in mill-seconds to set stage lighting effects

Proper strobe duration is measured for Safety/Hazard strobes using the Spot Metering mode

Flash Duration Analysis Measuring Screen

Flash Duration Analysis Graph Screen


The rectangular 1° spot viewfinder displays cd/m2, Footlamberts,EV, f-stop, shutter speed, percentage of flash and much more with an EL (Electronic-Luminescent) digital display after switching from incident to spot measurement mode. It incorporates a parallax-free spot finder preventing erroneous close-up photography light measurements. With its super sensitive sensor, the SpeedMaster L-858D can measure the reflected flash output down to an amazing f/1.0 and ambient measurements as low as EV-1. In addition, it also includes an adjustable diopter eyepiece.


Compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems, the Sekonic Data Transfer Software provides custom and user settings for quick and easy selection. Firmware and Data Transfer Software updates are conveniently checked and uploaded in the update setting tab. The Data Transfer Software also features Exposure Profiling for Photo/Video applications.


The SpeedMaster L-858D can memorize measured values in both incident and reflected light modes independently or combined. Memorized values are recalled in the Tool Box menu, and displayed all at once. When one of the memorized values are selected , the value on the Measuring Screen appears. In addition, you can delete individual (selected) or all readings from memory


A unique blend of illuminance and luminance measuring capabilities, the SpeedMaster L-858D offers a quick switch from one mode to the next effortlessly. Illuminance are displayed on a 2.7” color touch screen in either lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc). Luminance measurements in either cd/m2 or foot-lambert (fl) are view through a 1-deg SLR lens design with an illuminated EL-digital viewfinder display provides real-time measurements without the need to remove your eye from the light source


The SpeedMaster L-858D continuous measurement mode provides a contrast range measurement to evaluate the overall lighting conditions. In addition, you can also check lighting ratios or the evenness of an illuminated lightsource or the ambient light distribution of a warehouse, factory, greenhouse or stadium illumination. Changes in the measured values are related to a saved measurement such as the center of a light-source or selected brightness point within the environment by pressing AVE/ΔEV icon.


All buttons, switches and compartments are sealed, and the housing has been designed to endure rugged outdoor conditions with dust-proof and splash-proof (JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4). Ideal for on-location shooting, at the beach, in the rainy or in humid environments

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